About Elizabeth

My name is Elizabeth Andrade and I am a Certified Public Accountant with over 30 years experience. Numbers and accounting are my passion.

After working with clients of all income levels, I have witnessed first hand the struggles of many individuals and families especially the middle class. While I work full-time as a Sr. Accountant for a major national company, I decided I wanted to do more and help the average person, the business owner, the divorced single parent, really anyone who needed help with tax returns. I decided to offer my services for below a CPA firm rate, below H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt rate. Yes my rates are very competitive. It's my way of giving back a little. 

The tax system is complicated in this country and that is why certified accountants are required to take intensive and extensive classes to keep up with changing tax laws.  A valuable lesson my clients will share with you is that if they had doubts about doing their taxes correctly, 99% of the time there was an error. Every tax payer will be audited by the IRS at least once in their life.  If you are not 110% confident in your tax preparation, more than likely you will have to correct it and refile. Responding to the IRS, digging through years of papers, files, receipts, documents is daunting.  A tax consultant is a big help, a huge relief to simplify the process and knows "tax lexicon". 

Feel free to contact me for a consultation. My clients are from around the country and even a few foreign residents who also have residency in the U.S. 

Keep in mind it is tax season and I work full-time, evenings, and weekends so please allow me 24-48 hours to answer your message. You may reach me by phone. Please leave a message on my home phone at 305-860-9903. Miami, Florida. Be sure to speak up, clearly, and slowly. Also, I am bilingual in English and Spanish.


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