" Elizabeth has been my tax preparer for 20+ years and I feel extremely fortunate. She is knowledgeable in tax laws inside and out.  No matter how complex my return from starting a business, investing in stocks, or buying my first home, she knows her trade and I am lucky to have my own accountant. It's like owning a brand new Mercedes and paying less than half the retail price. It's like getting access to best healthcare system without insurance, and being able to afford it. She is a CPA who charges less than CPA firm, less than tax offices. I made the horrible mistake of going to mom-and-pop outfit. While I support small businesses, a valuable lesson I learned is to get an accountant WITH EXPERIENCE.

My entire family uses her services. If only healthcare professionals took a slight paycut across the country, millions of Americans would have affordable access. You never want to take shortcuts with the IRS. I was audited by IRS and had no idea what to do. Elizabeth resolved everything and I continued my routine without any worry. She is the best!"

Christine Michaels, Miami, FL

" Accountants like attorneys are not cheap. But Elizabeth offers her tax accounting services for a fraction of a CPA firm, the most expensive way to complete your tax return. She's like a family member where every year we catch up on life's events since we met the previous year.  It's like my New Year review and helps put my financial situation and goals in perspective for the year. "
Yvonne Michalczyk
Columbia, MD

"Every year I fly to Miami from South America to meet with Elizabeth. Naturally I combine vacation with business affairs but having Elizabeth as my personal accountant for so many years, is like having a family doctor. She knows my business, my family, my affairs. This way I do not have to explain everything from the beginning. We simply review what's different and that way I have more time to talk to her about my children and fun topics.  Elizabeth is bilingual in English and Spanish. I strongly encourage Spanish-speaking only residents to hire her instead of going to nonexperienced tax preparers. Unless you have nothing to itemize and have straight 1040 return, do not take chances. If they make mistakes, and IRS comes sends you a notification, they will not help you! Elizabeth will represent you! It's a tremendous relief and doesn't break the bank".
A. Alguilar
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA


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